OK, by popular demand, I will relate the long and sad tale of the HP Frying.

Given: That I attended a 4-H thing at home in SoCal with my computer. Being on Comp Corps, how could I not bring along my electronic prosthesis (AKA laptop)?
Given: That I came home Monday morning and plugged it in as usual. As I have done countless times without incident.

Now we get to the fun stuff. So I’ve plugged it in and turned it on. I am watching the little “Windows XP Professional” squares marching steadfastly along toward full booted-up-ness. I make the brilliant decision to scamper into the bedroom to grab something. I scamper back. And stop. In my tracks. And my jaw drops. All the lovely little blinking lights indicating a stable power supply, a happy hard drive, and all the other fun laptop lights. Being HP, they are calming blues and greens, not reds or yellows. All the lovely innocent lights. They are all off. Not even the power supply light is functioning!

Being the well-trained computer geek that I sometimes aspire to be, I play with the power button, the reset button with the pen, unplugging it and plugging it back in… all the common-sense type procedures. By some miracle (or lucky coincidence, depending on the spiritual persuasion of the moment), the 4-H Comp Corps happens to have an identical computer… that we use for face-to-face meetings to host our laptop network. Since it’s the same model, Steven and I switched the batteries and the hard drives. Lo and behold, the Comp Corps server now has Cindy’s hard drive in it! And functions perfectly! But Cindy’s nice 6-month-old warranty-covered laptop is still Dead. D-E-D dead.

So now my empty-headed laptop is in the hands of the HP techies (assuming Fed Ex got it there all right) and the Comp Corps server is living at my place. I feed it and take it for walks, which is more than it was getting in storage. Lucky little computer.

Anyway… back to the non-studying of chemistry.

~ by jackelopette on February 27, 2003.

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