The day after I write about religion, the bloggerpeople put up a Christian ad about accepting Jesus into your life on the top of my little page. Grr. Oh well, at least it provides ironic commentary from the other point of view.

Not that I have anything against Jesus. It’s just that religion has become such a trendy thing to have. Bah.

I’ve decided that if I never hear any punk or hip hop or rap again I will die a musically content person. Whether or not it’s “good music” is subjective. I just object to the culture of it, blasting the music as loud and as bass-enhanced as possible so that everyone around you is subject to it as well. Like religion, music is a personal choice. Stop imposing your tastes on me! I’m not an MTV junkie or a punk or a “ghetto girl” or an opera singer! I just like any song that catches my attention!

So I like a little bit of everything. It doesn’t mean that I want to be subjected to it every minute of every day. Whether it’s at the dorm or on my bike or sitting next to someone blasting their eardrums with their headphones… let me choose my own music and stop forcing me to listen to it too! It’s not going to help your artist of choice sell any more recordings. It’s only going to annoy me further and make me boycott it. Headphones are a marvelous invention — USE THEM! Or at least keep your speakers turned down enough that your sound doesn’t cancel out my own headphones.

Bah. Strange how we now have so many varieties of music, and it’s never been more easily accessible. And yet it has only served to homogenize us further… I don’t think there is a socially-aware person (i.e. at least overhears radio commercials/tv ads) who doesn’t know who Britney Spears and Michael Jackson are, if only because of the supermarket cheesy tabloids.

Why are humans so obsessed with “keeping up with the neighbors” when diversity is one of the basic foundations of evolution?

Quote of last week… Wednesday I believe… from Animal Science’s own Dr. O.
“It’s mating season. The ducks are seasonally polyestrous. That means that during a certain time of the year, all that the little boy ducks can think of is girl ducks. So you see them all over campus chasing the little girl ducks. They’re so single minded that they don’t even think about crossing roads. So you see the little girl ducks on one side of the road and a bunch of squished boy ducks all over the roads.”

One of these days I’m actually going to write about how the ducks are representative of college society. Sometime I’m going to put a picture up of the signs that the Friends of the Arboretum have placed all over the area. Picnic Day should be entertaining… O:-)

Okay, I’m off to the DC for lunch, where they only play soft hits and I don’t have to listen to beat-driven shouting and speaking. And no, it’s not my roommates or the dorm in particular. It’s just a general “being forced to hear” … at volumes that can’t be ignored. Bah.

~ by jackelopette on March 4, 2003.

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