Just picked up the Computer from the mail room. Being the slow-on-the-uptake computer person… it took me a while to realize that the item marked “MB” on the error sheet stood for Mother Board. I think. I am glad that Kevin is coming up for the Comp Corps meeting on Saturday.

I just realized that I completely forgot to mention my M6 (Mobility 6) monitor driver. Not that I would have been able to keep the hard drive if I’d asked them to fix it. And not that it’s a BAD problem. Just periodically (depending on what program I’m messing with) the monitor will have issues. And I will do the online “report this problem” thingy and it will give me a link for an alleged “updated driver” that cannot be updated for my computer … bah. I almost think that the UnWarrantied Server is a better-behaved computer than mine. Oh, and I can’t mess too much with the screen resolution either. It does strange things. I’ll show Kevin on Saturday, I guess. *sigh* Silly computer.

So, on the checked-off thingies on the errors-fixed list, they have marked “trackball/mouse” for whatever … I guess the touchpad had a problem. Also, under “other, explain: MB.” Hence my suspicions of Mother Board (Mother Superior Board? Mother May I Board? Mother Pay My Board? Mothership Member of the Board? Scotty Beam me Up Board?) being the problem. Stupid motherboards.

Computers annoy me, and yet I rely so much upon them for communication and expression. Bah.

~ by jackelopette on March 5, 2003.

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