Random thoughts…

I miss Ojai. Yeah, I’m home on spring break, and I do like it a lot up in Davis, but there’s a certain Ojai charm. Rugged mountains and wildflowers, warm spring days and thousands of good riding trails (thanks again JR). Definitely something I miss — not too much to say for flat country and test fields when you want a good challenging trail to ride. Ah well. I’ll survive with the occasional trip home 😛 While I love home, I don’t have to love every minute of living there. It is nice to have a “home away from home” whether I’m referring to the davis-home or the ojai-home.

Stupid dog. Needs to learn not to bark at people he’s just met. While I appreciate a good scary guard dog, he takes it a little far when someone’s on the wrong side of the door. At least he’s a good deterrent for any potential criminals/friends/strange folk such as I tend to meet.

Noticing definite tendencies in my friends. The people I get along best with make me laugh, keep me cynical and sarcastic, and don’t roll their eyes when I launch into a rant or one of my favorite stories. The more I think about it, the more I agree with that concept of new people … I like having people to share stories with me, and to listen to mine. I think if I’d been born into Ancient Ireland (capitals please) I’d have ended up as a bard. Traveling storyteller, judge, and recorder of history. Someone who listens, remembers, and relates not only history but ideas and concepts. Although I must say that the druidic priests/esses did have an interesting thing going with those sacrificial entrails!

Feeling a distinct urge to howl at the moon right now. Not from craziness this time, just from having had a great day. Too bad it ain’t full tonight … then again it’s probably a good thing, knowing how the lunatics got their name…

Random associations of thought. Psyche is intriguing me again…. bah. Too tired. Off to read my book and fall asleep. Hope you enjoy.

~ by jackelopette on March 28, 2003.

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