Decisions decisions.

Why do I have to pick a specialization?! I want to try everything! At this point I don’t want to limit myself to cats and dogs or horses or chickens. I want the full menagerie! Maybe I should do the “Disciplinary” thing and get into genetics or physiology… The more I think about it the more I think that would be good, but then I won’t be able to “delve in-depth into” (to use a recent quote for a friend’s benefit) each and every species.

I suppose Mr. Cestaro would be pleased to know that his “Bah!” has been preserved in the vocabularies of his English III students. It has so many uses, from the outraged “BAH!” to the jaded “bah humbug” to the transitory irritant “bah evil chem” although that one is swiftly becoming the cursory expression of frustration for several people… so not very transitory I guess.

Words intrigue me. Can I double-major in Animal Science and Etymology? Or ideally, start a new major called “Vocabulary” … LM Montgomery’s “Story Girl” had it right, let me find the quote….

…spending 20 minutes finding a quote only to become engrossed in the book… one of those that you know like the back of your hand but when you’re looking for something in it, of course the only way is to read it straight through and enjoy it again… (sheepish grin)…

Bingo! Page 142! One of the ones that has stayed with me as a beautiful image. All the better for having come from a good story.

“…The Story Girl sighed again. She loved expressive words, and treasured them as some girls might have treasured jewels. To her, they were as lustrous pearls, threaded on the crimson cord of a vivid fancy. When she met with a new one, she uttered it over and over to herself in solitude, weighing it, caressing it, infusing it with the radiance of her voice, making it her own in all its possibilities for ever.”

…contented smile… Good stories. Too bad there’s not a major in simply reading stories and poems and ignoring analysis. A good story is one that strikes a chord, not one that is universal to all people at all times. A good story changes with your mood as you interpret characters and settings differently, it does not remain the same from reading to reading.


~ by jackelopette on March 28, 2003.

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