Rhythm and rhyme

Musicals.Net Current passing interest, but definitely a recurring one. So if I’m not constantly interested, is it a permanent interest or a recurring one? Should I refer to it as a chronic interest? A cyclical one? Hmmm….

Yeah, so I’m a musicals junkie. And choral and operatic and pop (Simon and Garfunkel are ideal) and indie and a bit of rock and jazz and r&b and… a little bit of everything. I like songs that I can sing along with, or dream of singing (if I had HER voice… deep chocolatey alto or clear crystal pure mountain spring soprano a la bottled water commercials…). Some people paint, others write, some sculpt and some build… I sing all the time in my head. The constant theme song. One day in class, I realized that I had been listening to the full score of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Broadway/London version, not the Villanova production) for about an hour, from beginning through end without skips. Is this a sign of insanity or simply a character quirk? I think the jury’s still out … but definitely it’s in the category of eccentricity.

…working on breaking this writing habit, it just ain’t working… I guess you’re stuck with it. I try not to focus on “today I did this, ate that, and tripped over that %*$&^# thing…” and more on my reactions to it, hence I may not mention the details of an event but the track my mind toddled off exploring. Hope you enjoy it, I think it’s a lot cheaper and more effective than a therapist. 😀

…Gershwin… fascinatin’ rhythm, won’t you stop picking onnnnnnnn meeeeeeeeee! …getting a bit disturbed by myself… but it’s Gershwin.

~ by jackelopette on March 29, 2003.

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