Pets and futures

mmmmm… long day. I’m tired. Up at 7, in chem lab by 8 (joy oh joy at least the TA speaks English) and out of it by 12, then ANS lab at 1 (wrasslin’ sheeps and cows and goats and a sow… gotta love sticking a KY-lubricated thermometer up a (insert mammal here)’s nether regions when it’s cold and windy out. And just yesterday I hid away my heavy sweaters! Bah!

So after animal science I had to zoom over to PES for my “motivational prize” seminar where we argued the philosophy behind the giving of recognition/awards/honors/money. Then up to Aggie Ambassadors, where I actually sang a bar or two of New York, New York as part of the ice breaker. FFA state convention is this weekend in Fresno. Unfortunately I think I will be sleeping for much of the weekend so I probably won’t go. Awww.

I don’t think I’ll join the Vet Aides club. Not enough time, and I need to spend time with my own horse rather than someone else’s. Not to mention, I already have a pet… in Sandy. She’s even housetrained! Kind of…. at least she does her own laundry even if she makes a carpet out of it! 😛

No, I do like Sandy. She’s fun to talk to, she understands, she’s a good roommate for me. We each have our space both mentally and room-ly. Well, at least as much space as we can cram into. 😛

…tired… Although I wasn’t exactly doing hard physical labor, it was a long day. I think I shall toddle off to bed now.

~ by jackelopette on April 3, 2003.

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