To do.

…Just got back from Calculus… I’m glad this is the last real math class I’ll ever have to take. At least for my undergrad career. And stats doesn’t count, I’ve had stats in high school. Who knows, I might be able to get it out of the way this summer at V.C. with Faryn. I’ll have to figure out registration and such. Bah. Such paperwork!

I have to file taxes — all $59 worth. Whoopdedo. And get a cheap fleece English saddle pad. And call the farrier for Levi’s hooves. And pick up dewormer. Figure out shots for him… see if there’s a clinic at the Eq Center for their horses. Go over to the condo/duplex/new home with Sara. Practice showing The Goat (Fanny? Betty Boer? Baaaaaad Goatee? I still don’t know her name but #3154 is quite a cute little thing).

Met with Dr. Famula today — he is my faculty advisor. I have decided… (drumroll please)… that Companion Animals is not for me. Why limit myself to a species, especially one where there are…
A) 400 other students
B) no research opportunities — it’s not like UCD has a kennel or a cattery!
C) no real jobs/careers aside from vet.

So I think I’ll go into Discipline, probably genetics. Possibly physiology, but that ends up being a reproduction focus. And Behavior doesn’t have many career opportunities apart from zookeeping. Which is cool and interesting, but I like genetics. 😀

Yeah yeah, I know I don’t have to formally choose till 3rd or 4th year. And it’s not like there are genetics classes that I’ll take in 2nd year. But I figured I’d start thinking about it. Plus someone over “across La Rue Street” from the animal science/main campus — AKA the Vet School — is working on genetics AND has a major interest in equine genomics and coat coloring. Perfect. And she has an upcoming grad student about to work with her … who will need a research assistant.

Looks like genetics is the way to go! Mwahahahah! *evil grin and visions of transgenic sheep dancing through head*

…getting excited… now all I have to do is run errands this weekend, take pre-notes for animal science, and get ready for Week 2 of 10. I am 10% through with the quarter, not counting Evil Finals. Woohoo!

I don’t know why but I’m restless about this quarter. I have to do behavioral research/obervations for ANS 2 (as opposed to experimentation) of pre- and/or post-parturition critters. Sows, cows, does (as in goat, not rabbit or deer), and ewes. And female mice. What are female mice called? Can’t remember. Bah. I can’t find it. So I observe “quantifiable behaviors” such as number of times visiting the water trough rather than “cuddliness factor.”

…a good quarter… but I still can’t wait for summer.

~ by jackelopette on April 4, 2003.

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