Pleasant ache

So I’m really tired. A good day, but a tiring day. The last couple of days have been good. Sunday I had a nice little homesickness emotional moment, Steven and Maryam and Sandy helped talk me out of it. Had a bit more today, but overall it was a good day.

Levi (the horse) is actually … behaving like a horse these days. I rode him, bathed him, and pampered him yesterday (Tuesday) and rode him in the English 2A lesson today. I was impressed. He was a bit nervous, but he didn’t freeze or spook like he usually does. Walk, trot, and canter … still a little fuzzy on the finer points of rein and leg cues, but he’s been LISTENING lately. Which is a very pleasant change. …looooong sigh of relief here… I might actually be able to go trail riding on him someday soon. I hope so. I even took him on the “gallop track” which goes around the large unfenced field — not galloping, just trotting, but he did very well! Even with the scary sprinklers. He’s finally figuring it out, I guess. About time.

4-H meeting with the Cal Aggies tonight. You See UCD Days starts tomorrow (Thursday) and goes through Saturday morning — Picnic Day! I have to balance so many things! Goat prep Friday afternoon for the Little I. I have to be there ready to show at 8 AM — which means getting there around 7:30 or so to prep the goat. Bah. Maybe I’ll be done early enough to catch part of the parade with my dad … *shrug* I’ll find a way to do it all. Once Saturday is done, I can relax a little bit.

Dilemma … I’m really homesick. I miss my buddies at home (you know who you are, every last one of you, both new and old) — and May 24 is the last day I’ll be able to see the class of ’03 all together (sans one, sorely missed). May 24 is also the 4-H State Presentation Day, which I am co-chairing I guess. So do I go for the once-in-a-lifetime graduation, or the obligation that I volunteered to do? Can I contribute enough ahead of time that they don’t miss me too much should I choose to go to the graduation? Any thoughts? I hate decisions like this. But I really want to be there for my friends. Damn choices.

So I have to get up at 7 tomorrow, and it’s already 10, and I have been missing sleep lately through (a) Daylight Savings Time switch, (b) late nights, and (c) light sleeping. Bah. So I’ll sign off for now and leave you wondering what I’ll dream tonight. How about purple orangutans swinging through apricot trees and shouting “Have you hugged your tree today?!” and giving out hemp necklaces to impoverished goats. All the while wearing UCD shirts and promoting Picnic Day. Sounds good to me.

…tired to the point of delirium, apparently…

~ by jackelopette on April 9, 2003.

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