Good times.

I’m doing better. Woke up to some strange emails … from various people, I didn’t understand them. Now I do, at least a little bit more, but I’m still a little bit lost. But my four girls are here now, I’m staying at Steven’s for the next couple of nights with them. I like having them around. It’s like a built-in slumber party — kinda cool. Also kind of frightening that they look up to me, but they do cheer me up. I like having people around. It’s good for me — distracts me from my inner rumblings and ramblings. I’m still looking forward to summer, though. My craft class starts in about… a week and a half or so… April 21. I’m looking forward to that — finally something that I can do, which produces something tangible, and doesn’t have a grade attached. It’s self-therapy, and I’m looking forward to it. Let me know if you want me to try a ring or bracelet or random pendant for you — give me a few project ideas! Signature logos? I’d like to try a Celtic knot. Dunno which one. I’ll have to look up some patterns online.

Distracting myself from myself seems to work well. I think I shall continue along these lines of self-therapy. Although they say self-medication isn’t recommended — I think they’re referring to the usual illicit and powerful substances. Is distraction a feasible medication or just an avoidance technique? At any rate, I enjoy having people around. They’re good for me. I hope I’m a little good for them too.

~ by jackelopette on April 10, 2003.

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