4 leaves of glory

So that’s Collegiate 4-H. I’m in the UCD chapter (the better chapter of course) although CP is pretty active right now. 😀 The two are working together to host the Western Regional Collegiate 4-H Conference in October… for many states west of the Mississippi plus Alaska and Hawaii … Northern California in the fall. Hrrrmmmmm. Hopefully it won’t be as dreary as it was this fall.

You See UCD Days went well — no casualties, no major changes of plan… They arrived Thursday afternoon, went on a campus tour, met all of us and asked us about college life, bowled and played arcade games, and then went to their respective housing (I had 4 girls) and watched videos. Friday morning Sara and I hosted them in the Tercero DC for breakfast, and then we turned them loose with bikes from 9 to 12. At that point we headed over to the medical school’s cafeteria for lunch and admissions/financial aid speakers. They had a vet school tour while I went to math. Joy. Got a tour of the horse breeding facility, the meat locker, and the shortcuts for non-bicyclists. Subway dinner at Jon’s house, then The Two Towers via Campus Cinema. Saturday morning I woke up for the goat show and left Steven to take them all to Tilly’s to return to their parents.

No, we didn’t get them drunk, high, or assaulted. As far as I know the only 4-H inappropriate parts were the boys who refused to wear bike helmets (we got them for that) and the girls who were trying to attract them. Sounds like a daytime talk show topic. “4-H boys and the girls who want them” or something like that.

They make me feel old. But in a more mature, “I know what I’m doing” kind of way. 😛

…smug grin…

~ by jackelopette on April 14, 2003.

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