YAY! First one as a UCD Student!

Picnic Day

Yeah. It was rained out. Horribly rained out! Pouring! My dad came up, and things were good. Got 4th place out of 5 with the goat in showmanship — she was getting beaten up by the other goats, and it was raining, and I was cold and shivering. I bet if the weather had been what we were expecting (sunny, warm, like it’d been for the last 2 weeks), I would have done better! Oh well. There’s next year and maybe I’ll take a hands-on class.

After the goat show, we grabbed breakfast at the DC and headed over to Chem 194. We were too late to get tickets for the Chemistry Magic Show, but we caught the last half of the parade. I can’t believe the bands, still marching and playing well in the downpour! Saw a kitty rescue program with about 25-30 cats and kittens, exotics and avians from the vet school, and witnessed the wild warmups for the Dachshund races (Doxie Derby). Then we went to Haring 2205 for the micromouse robot competition through a large maze, lunch at the Silo, and wandered around the MU then down to Lake Spafford for the Battle of the Bands. I would say… 6 bands? UCD, UCI, Berkeley, UCSD, Humboldt State Lumberjacks… and one other. I think. Anyway, they were great, even with the deluge of rain. A girl from the ‘Nets section in the Berkeley band has promised to harass Tristan for me. The lucky bum, foregoing Picnic Day to play in Carnegie Hall!

On our way back to the dorms from the bands, I got a call from the Equestrian Center. Levi was cold and shivering, and so they’d brought him in. He wasn’t the only horse stuck — normally they all have nice thick winter coats, but with the warm weather lately they’ve all shed out and he didn’t have a blanket. Now he does. Drove out to PetsMart where the perfect blanket and only appropriate one in his size was… on hold. So then we raced out to Woodland to the Tack Warehouse, and arrived just as the owner was closing up. She had the blankets in stock, so Levi now has a WeatherBeeta in green and blue plaid. 😀 Lucky horse.

Dinner was crazy — we tried Symposium, a Greek place on the northeast side of town, Pluto’s and Fuzio’s, two places by Borders Books, and gave up. They were all wayyy too crowded! So then we headed out to Dixon and waited about 45 minutes for a table at Cattleman’s. Good food.

Sunday (yesterday) morning, slept in till about 11, headed out to Sara’s condo at noonish. They’d gone to IKEA Saturday night, so we didn’t get to do that. Instead we sat and talked for a while (they made great lasagna!) then went to a barstool and dinette outlet, a futon shop, and PetsMart (again) with them. Our place is going to be so comfortable! I wish I could move in now. I think part of my problem here is not having any personal space. There’s always someone else here, and my room is too cramped and dark to be a really comfortable place. I need my own room. With plenty of windows and light and comfortable furniture!

Saw Anger Management last night after a light dinner at Pluto’s and a quick trip to Borders. It wasn’t quite as obnoxious as the other Adam Sandler films, and it was good for a one-time show. I’m not sure I’d see it again, maybe as a rental for someone who hasn’t seen it before. Probably I’ll see it once or twice again, but by then I’d probably be a little bored. Good in the theater with Russ and Steven!

So now I’m back in my dorm room. This morning Russ and I caught breakfast in the DC again, then I went to my chem class and he left for Sacramento. He should be home by tonight.

I’m glad he came up. I don’t think Picnic Day would have been good at all with the rain, without someone to share it. It was good having family up there, seeing it all with me. Having someone else to lean on, besides my local friends. I can get through this quarter, I just need to find some space of my own where I can curl up in a blanket with my books (notebook, textbook, magazine, novel… take your pick) and just focus on my reading/writing. Not having to worry about disturbing anyone else or being in the way. I’ll be happy when the weather clears up for good and stays warm. Then I can be outside with my books. 😀

mmmm… feeling tired, somewhat relaxed, a bit excited… sick of this cramped space though. Oh well… Only 8 more weeks, 3 finals, and a moving-out to go!

Argh. I have to do my Animal Science research proposal. Bah.

…wandering off to beat my head against a fence…

~ by jackelopette on April 14, 2003.

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