I wonder and worry

…Been thinking… I’ve decided that my struggles with school are due not to its difficulty, but due to the other stuff going on. Adjusting to living away from home, not being able to focus to the exclusion of everything else… worrying about things.

Next year, I’m not taking DHC. I’ll limit my commitments to the horse, the occasional crafty class, and a few 4-H projects. Comp Corps, Advisory Committee, and Collegiate 4-H. No state presentation day, maybe a little bit of SLC (at least as far as Comp Corps is involved).

I have far too many interests. I’m too easily distracted from school. Bah.

…getting ready for the DHC seminar… Great Motivational Prize, my left nostril! These things are far more work than they’re worth. I wouldn’t take a DHC class except that I signed up for it in order to get Dr. Famula’s discussion section with ANS 1. I should have dropped after that, but now I’m stuck with this seminar. Argh. Oh well.

…looking forward to next year, not living in the dorms, having the summer to do my own things…

~ by jackelopette on April 15, 2003.

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