Moving and growing and shaking and baking

I’m getting excited about furniture. I will be spending the summer looking for the Perfect Desk and the Perfect Bed and dresser and shelves and closet organizers and and and… yes. Furniture.

I’ll also have to fill the walls with either shelving or pictures or other artwork. Have to be space efficient. 😀 Especially if friends come over.

Do be do be dooooooooo!

It’s about 5:25 right now. I have to be in Wellman by 8 for the Animal Science review session. Isn’t it awful?! 2 midterms on Friday. Math and ANS. Grr. Oh well. If I study tonight for ANS I will be thinking about it subconsciously all tomorrow and then I will be ready for the test. Math.. um. Math. Grr. Evil math. Tomorrow night and Friday. 😀

Behold the Master Procrastinator! Or is that Mistress Procrastinatrix? *shrug* I’m waiting for my print IKEA catalog. I ordered it last week. I like getting things in the mail. If you have postcards to send me, ask me via email for the address. Don’t wanna post it on here, that’s asking for trouble. Especially with the weirdos here in CA (yes, Russ, that means you).

Looking forward to summer and weekends. Summer I can see everyone and not have to juggle so many things. I can go to the Fair, go to SLC, go riding, get a job, do everything but study too much. 😀 Unless of course VC manages to pull out of its budget crunch enough to have summer courses, then I’ll take a stats class. Eh. I’m looking forward to a summer on my own time.

beach too. Trail rides. Pools and swimming. Hanging out. Lunches with friends. Parties with friends. Doing crazy things, with and without friends. …homeric drooling grin…

Levi was good in the lesson today. Maybe it’s the English tack. Closer contact? Strange, ’cause I usually feel more secure in Western… oh well, who am I to complain? He’s behaving normally, not like a freak. In fact, the instructor apologized for not spending more time with me, apparently I was “riding perfectly and there was everyone else having problems…” so I’m feeling good.

Tired though. 9-10 chem, 11-12 ans, 12:30-3 riding, 3-4 math… and tonight is 8-10 review. Tomorrow is 8 AM -12 chem lab, 1-4 ans lab, 4-6 DHC seminar (The Great Motivational Prize…) and 6-7 is Aggie Ambassadors. It’s good though, keeps me out of trouble. 😀

…thinking about dinner, but it’s only 5:34. Maybe I’ll go read for a while instead. Listen to Gershwin (actually had about a week off from The Song but it’s back with its friends) and chill. Why is it that the song I get stuck in my head, is a song ABOUT getting a song stuck in my head? Grr. Oh well.


~ by jackelopette on April 16, 2003.

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