Stir crazy

The Tiny Tiny Quad.

Behold the tininess of my abode. It’s tiny tiny tiny. Microscopic. Cramped. Dark. Icky. And the desks aren’t really arranged like that. Although that would probably be a more efficient use of space. They don’t show the sheer cluttered-ness of the place. It’s so small! Eeeek!

Nuff about that.

Okay, I’m about done for the night. I’ve done my prelab, my prelab quiz, I’ve printed my animal science lab notes, and I’ve printed the practice midterm for Friday’s chem test. Busy week!

I think I will sleep well tonight … a good thing too, since I have to be awake and alert and breathing normally at 7 AM for my 8 AM lab! EEEEEEEEEEEp! I think maybe I’ll go take a shower.


…tired and feeling somewhat slightly more on top of things… still have to do animal science observations for the paper, the SLC handbook, clean my room (as usual), do laundry, ride the horse, do the assemblies scripts for SPD, work on the CTC tracks for comp corps… keep up with schoolwork, do the damn research project, the ever increasingly annoying Nobel Prize seminar (it’s a good concept but I’m not finding it relevant or all that exciting), drop DHC for next year, get rid of some of the junk cluttering up my room… yeah. Fun times.


~ by jackelopette on April 23, 2003.

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