Wet and wonderful

It’s a rainy day. Not too bad last night, just some light sprinkling, but the real rain is here today. Go rain! It’s good for agriculture and water supplies and snow, but not so good for getting to classes. I heard that Lake Shasta was 99% full with more rain and snowmelt on the way, so they had to drain it a little to make room for the expected additional water. Maybe California will stay green a little longer than usual this year. Strange, we don’t normally get so much rain in April, and it’s rained or stormed most of the month! We had about a week of warm spring-summery weather but now it’s back to the rain. Everything’s so lovely and green though!

I’ll be spending this week out watching my cows for the project, they’re supposed to leave at the end of the week and they’ve only just given birth. Tanj. (Gotta read Ringworld)

Sandy and Ana both have cool screensavers now. Animated lake scenes complete with sounds and critters. I want one.

~ by jackelopette on April 28, 2003.

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