Wind whipping through my mind

It’s been strange weather.

Last night — light rain, drizzle, sprinkle, whatever you want to call it. Wimpy.

9 AM — generic rain. Not heavy, not light, just generic rain.
10 AM — really heavy rain.
11 AM — sunshine. Go figure.
12 PM — sunshine, then thunder, then dark and rain, then hail, then sunshine.
3 PM — clouded, light rain, sunshine, mixed.
4 PM — sunshine and wind.

It’s supposed to rain more. Lovely weather for ducks.

I wish I were a duck. My waterproofing would be all over my body and it wouldn’t wear off ’cause my nice little oil glands would keep it all well-distributed and I’d be able to go swimming and just shake off the water and fly away.

Ducks have a good life here at UCD.

~ by jackelopette on April 28, 2003.

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