Icky day, good evening.

Pretty much. Chem lab was … chem lab. Always a blast (cough cough groan) then lunch at the Silo ’cause the DC didn’t look too good. Then home and figured out how to convince my computer to allow Kazaa to move in. Downloaded the current head-song (Bring Me to Life by Evanescence, from the Daredevil soundtrack… not one of those catchy ‘theme song of my life’ songs but somehow it’s stuck in my head right now… must mean something I guess…).
Animal Science lab was all genetics and Punnett Squares and inheritance. Mendelian genetics are so… so… easy. I just GET them. I GET genetics. So it frustrates me when the TA doesn’t get it. Or gets it but doesn’t understand the lab exercises. Bah! If you want your TA’s to teach the material, show them HOW don’t just tell them. It just makes them feel stupid and the students feel really insecure when someone like me just gets it and tries to explain to everyone else but they just can’t make any sense out of it. …more and more I’m starting to think that genetics is my thing. Go me. Bah.

DHC seminar, “The Great Motivational Prize” — has an ok concept. Even an okay way of implementing it. But the group is so annoying to me — I’m so spoiled with 4-H and facilitation. Even Robert’s Rules. They’re so inept. Either complaining, or arguing, or trying to lead and just not being able to do it. It’s just not effective. I’m too used to efficient, well-able, intelligent 4-H’ers who KNOW how to reach decisions without alienating anyone, while also keeping things absolutely clear.

Aggie Ambassadors are cool. It’s such a down-to-earth, business-like group, without all the legalese and Policy that 4-H has to deal with. On the flip side, it’s a much smaller and more focused program with just college students. Anyway, I enjoy it. Tom is a cool president, Rich is a great advisor, and everyone else is just… cheerful and funny and relaxed. I’m starting to feel like I’m fitting in and not just sitting in. Vewwy vewwy nice. Ooh and we all trucked over to Chevy’s in Dixon for a fundraiser thing (we eat, Chevy’s donates 20% to the Aggie Spring Jackpot show…) and that was fun. I’m starting to attach names to faces. 😀 Tom has a dance performance (a guy who admits to dancing, whodathunkit at an ag school?! …pleasantly surprised…) I think I might go, probably lots of other Aggie Ambassadors there too. …grin…

So, in short, busy day, good evening, me tired.

~ by jackelopette on May 1, 2003.

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