Aggie Ambassadors rock. Just not in IM Soccer. Although we did well. I wasn’t on the field of course (me play soccer? with what equipment?). It’s a very energetic team. But we still got our …cough… embassies kicked. So to speak.

Met with Tom (whose other hats include dancing, soccer, and Aggie Ambassador presidencies) the ANS peer advisor, got my requirements mapped out for next year.
RA Ryan (As opposed to the many other Ryans I Have Known) just stopped by.
After how many RA’s we finally found one that lasted more than a quarter. Joe, Amy, Whatsisnamethatlastednotevenaweek, and now Ryan. Who now has a new partner named…Erika. But she doesn’t have red hair, Russ. Sorry. 😛 So maybe she’ll last out 4 weeks. Till the end of the quarter. Gotta love G Building’s RA history. Go G.

*cough* I’ll be happy to get out of the dorms, there are a few good people, but overall it hasn’t been all that it could be. I shoulda gone with the Ag program in Segundo. Ah well. I’ll live.

Do be do be doooooo Sandy is watching Monty Python’s Quest for the Holy Grail. For the first time. Poor child. Now she understands Ze Frenchman and ze seely Engleesh types. 😀

Me tired. Me still gotta finish the ANS paper. And study for the alleged math midterm on Friday. Grrrrr …. college would be great without classes to deal with. So much for me being the valeducktorian. Bah.

overall though, I’m pretty happy these days. I’ve found my group!

~ by jackelopette on May 6, 2003.

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