I ate asphalt today. Stupid leaves! I was turning from Bioletti onto the little bike path going between Tercero and the Silo area, where the leaves collect in the little driveway, after the gate thingy. And I ate it. Bruises on both knees, the right knee is swelling a bit now, but it was about 11 or 12 hours ago so probably no permanent harm, just a big bruise. And both my palms are scratched up, I bumped my chin, and probably will feel it tomorrow.

But the worst thing was the embarrassment. I ate it for no good reason, just couldn’t compensate for stupid leaves. In front of a couple of guys walking by, who then asked “are you okay, want us to call someone, do you need help” when I’m already getting up and getting back on my bike to fly out of there like a bat outta hell… quite embarrassing.

Then I went to the riding lesson, spent the whole time either posting, or 2-point, or doing some other kind of leg workout on horseback … yeah, I’ll be sore and miserable tomorrow but by god/deity/whichever I’ll Be Milking It! Mwahahaha!

Anything for sympathy/pity.

In other news, life ain’t too bad, going home for Mama’s Day on Friday. Math midterm friday, animal science quiz, and the flight. Then home Sunday night at 9. Animal science paper due, animal science midterm … on Monday. Yeesh. Bad weekend. I will be working on the paper on the flight, methinks.

~ by jackelopette on May 7, 2003.

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