Sunday was fun! We picked Grandma up around 11:30, and took 150 from the coast through Ojai into Santa Paula, then 126 to Ventura. I’m sure it’s illegal to pick wildflowers, but they were right there along the road! Grandma ended up with her own centerpiece at the restaurant — and we ended up bringing some of her prints along to show the restaurant’s folks. In fact, the waitress ended up with a pussywillow print as her tip! She was one of Russ’s friends, so it was all right. I think everyone had a fun time, Jean and Harry ended up ducking out a bit early to watch the Lakers game at the bar next door.

Afterwards, Russ and I headed down Hwy 1 to Santa Monica — apparently the pub there was dismantled in Ireland, shipped over via the Panama Canal, and rebuilt along Main Street in Santa Monica. A fun afternoon, and then my flight home was FULL of UCD and Chico students! Supposedly the 9 PM Sunday flight is the Davis special, at least according to my seatmates. One was a member of the virology department at the UCD medical center. Cool huh?!

Last night’s craft class was cool, I’m almost done with a pendant that Russ designed. It’s a challenging but a fun project. Today I slept in late, read in bed, ate lunch, and just got back from over an hour reading in the sun. I wish I had more time to go swimming or something — but I have class at 4!

Midterm in math on Friday was all right, not great but at least I knew what I was supposed to be doing even if I didn’t finish it all. The paper is done and turned in, and yesterday’s ANS midterm was reasonable. Not quite as bad as the first one, methinks.

~ by jackelopette on May 13, 2003.

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