So I got my hair cut today. It’s cute. Different. Interesting, I suppose. If I had space to post an image on here, I’d show you all… but it’ll look even better (or worse… it’ll look.. “more” of either way) after Colleen puts the red bits in. 😀


Last night was cool. Well, parts of it. There was a lunar eclipse last night. From about 8:40 to 10:30-ish. I caught the last few minutes of it. New RA named Erika was having a pizza-bribe meeting, get everyone into the lounge with the promise of pizza, and then don’t give out the pizza until the meeting’s over. Sort of a bait-and-switch routine, I guess. So I ate pizza and watched people scream at the Kings game on TV. Lovely. I hope she lasts out the 4 weeks left in this year.

So after the meeting, 10:15 or so, I head over to Trudy’s and the Dining Commons. Beautiful moon. As I’m returning, this guy notices me watching the moon as I walk, and starts saying “Thank you thank you you noticed! That’s my birthday gift, people don’t notice the moon!”
Which is all quite unusual and rather interesting in its way, so we talked on the steps outside the DC for a few minutes. It wasn’t the company that was so interesting, it was the situation. Random people, meeting under random circumstances, bothering to make the connection and talk for a while…. Moments like that are what I love. It doesn’t matter so much who the person is or what the topic of conversation, it’s just nice to have a random connection. One of those things where you don’t want to know the person’s name or how to contact them, because then the memory will change with subsequent meetings. …makes me glad….

Feeling good, new hair, good warm day, and then… comes the math class. And the Telemark dance performance tonight. *evil grin*

…Looking forward to my first somewhat dye job… Thanks Colleen!

~ by jackelopette on May 16, 2003.

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