Cheap furnishings

Steven now has an Ikea couch. A good couch. Not outstanding, not bad, just a generic couch. A good couch.

And today we tried the mini-road trip to Santa Cruz. It’s only about 2 hours from Davis, and it was warm and crowded and just… touristy-type fun. 😀 Funny how every time I try to find a swimsuit in a store, it always ends up being a WaterGirl suit that I like. WaterGirl being a part of Patagonia Clothing, which of course we all know I have grown up wearing. I remember a time when I refused to wear Patagonia as I was sick of it. And now I’ve returned to my eco roots. So I’m a bunnyhugging treehugging mountainloving Patagonia Patsy, at least as Nicholas Evans put it. Grin.

And the hair? The cut is nice. I like it. But the red washed out! In one shampoo!

Still it was fun. And Telemark Dance Troupe (shameless unpaid advertizing here) puts on a great show. Mom would have drooled and tapped her feet and danced in her seat. Much as I did. I guess I should have stuck with the hated ballet lessons. Or maybe I should look into beginner’s jazz dance classes. Along with every other interest that I want to pursue. At least I’m planning on squeezing a choir into my schedule next fall. So that I don’t have to settle for singing in my head.

Back to the dance performance. A great mix of interpretive, theater-type, swing! Lots of swing! and just plain fun. It’s not something you’d necessarily see in a professional company, since it was such an eclectic mix. Hell, they even included a really fun Weird Al song (Another One Rides the Bus) which brought back many awkward memories of my younger days. Steven enjoyed it, so he has now heard the whole “Al in the Box” collection. I think I left “Bad Hair Day” at home though so he’ll have to wait till after the weekend to test that one out.

Busy week coming up. Monday, craft class, plus regular lectures. Tuesday, torturing small children in the Arboretum with the Aggie Ambassadors. Wednesday, riding lesson. Thursday, the labs, the DHC discussion, Aggie Ambassador meeting, and then packing for the weekend. Friday, chem midterm at 9, ANS quiz at 11, and my flight home at about 2. I’ll be missing math (ha) but I’ll be enjoying my long weekend at home. *grin*

…hopefully that brings us all up to date on The Life of Cindy. Yay. Don’t you all feel so in-tune now? I hope this is a better reality show than The Bachelor and its ilk. At least I’m not narrowing down a field of twenty or so for the One True Love. Life is too short to let network television exploit The Last of Your Reputation.

Poor Firestones. At least Joe Millionaire (for a Fox show) had the relative sense not to end it with an engagement. Yuck.

~ by jackelopette on May 18, 2003.

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