Warm weather


So I have a chemistry midterm tomorrow. And I have no *bleeeeeep* ing clue about organics. Fwah. (expression of frustration, dismissal, irritation — new).
I hate chem.

Feeling … restless, out of touch, like I’m spinning around and around and I’m about to fall over, trying to keep up with everything. I’m taking this damn chem midterm, I’ll just take it, whatever I get. Then I frantically cram for the ANS quiz (yep it’s another Friday), take the quiz, clap politely for the guest lecturer (aquaculture?) and hop on a plane for home.
I feel so out of touch with home. Friends at Villanova that I never quite would admit to having — not because I was ashamed or anything, but because I didn’t realize they thought of me as a friend. I’m not used to people thinking of me as a friend. I’m usually the one assuming that they’re friends when they’re really not that close or that caring.

I think too much, that’s my problem.

Feeling… very very restless. Damn hot weather, roasting us alive!

Colleen is playing with my hair again. I can’t sleep, too hot, too restless. I’ll let her dye my hair again, maybe this time it’ll take.


I’m sure some of you will see it tomorrow, and some on Saturday.


~ by jackelopette on May 22, 2003.

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