*WARNING! Religious Irreverence Alert! WARNING*

God is a student. She is also a very good friend of my roommate. And people thought I’d lose whatever faith I had while I was in college… God exists, and we’ve chatted. 😀

Me: is God still there?
Sandy: no, God’s up in Pope Valley
Sandy: rather appropriate
Me: I thought she was staying in SD
Me: but hey, if she’s setting Pope straight, who am I to complain!
Sandy: she was gonna stay in SD
Sandy: but then her housing went to hell
Sandy: so now she’s staying up here for the summer
Sandy: I haven’t seen her much though
Me: sucks
Sandy: I should call her
Me: you need God in your life
Sandy: yes I do

Fine print: This is not a reflection of Cindy’s brand of religious leaning. I repeat, this does not reflect Cindy’s faith, lack or variation thereof, or any aspect relating to said. Mwahahahha!

~ by jackelopette on July 6, 2003.

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