On Dizzyland…

We have a few suggestions for the Disneyland management though
1. Common Sense test — for parents and all patrons over the age of 12
2. Curfew: all children under the age of 7 to have left the park by 10 PM
3. To add what we predict to be the most popular “land” ever to be founded within the bounds of Disneyland: Cot Land — full of beds, pillows, cots, sofas, and comfy chairs, complete with air conditioning, soothing music, and complimentary drinks
This would be part of the park for parents and patrons over the age of 15 who have passed the Common Sense test. It would be a whole land as opposed to the so-called VIP rooms.
Cot Land: a place for the parents to nap while their teens go play. It would be accessible from either California Adventures or Disneyland.
There’d be tv’s playing various Disney films too! And of course the themed souvenir shop, with the various dizzy characters in their night garb. No nudity though. Disney characters don’t sleep nude

~ by jackelopette on July 7, 2003.

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