Sit! Stay! Good horse!

In other news, I am a walking advertisement for equine feeding safety. Although most people get their thumbs bitten from a carrot-related mistake… mine has been scraped by the tooth of a thumb-sucking quarter horse. I swear, Levi gets stranger by the day. He wasn’t chewing my thumb! He was sucking it! Gah!

crazy horse. This is right up there with climbing onto mounting blocks and drinking water directly from the hose. By taking said hose into his mouth like a straw.

I guess I just have that effect on animals…

Anyway, it was all worth it for the look of surprise on his face when I started wiggling my thumb in his mouth. As he backed away, his tooth scraped the joint, and now I’m wearing a band-aid.

Silly horse, thumbs are for kids. Go find some breakfast cereal.

~ by jackelopette on July 10, 2003.

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