Mindless Memes again

Understanding: I like to hope so.
Open-minded: I wish I were more…
Arrogant: Absolutely — what are you looking at?!
Insecure: Ummm… maybe? Yes? What do you think?
Interesting: If so to you, then you need your head examined.
Random: Usually… if that’s not a contradiction.
Hungry: If I remember to be.
Friendly: To friends, always. To strangers? Well, they don’t come much stranger than me, so I guess yeah….
Smart: So I’m told. Smartass, anyway.
Moody: Yes. No. Yes. Possibly. Absolutely not. Like, totally. Maybe.
Childish: Can I have a pony? And a pair of wings and a trip to see Santa Claus…
Independent: I’d like to be.
Hard working: When I’m interested.
Organized: In piles of like items. Clothes in hamper, books in this corner, music there…
Healthy: To what system are you referring?
Emotionally Stable: Horsies aren’t all that emotional. I do that for them, when I feel like it.
Shy: Maybe… just a bit… *sheepish grin*
Difficult: To understand? To befriend? To be near me? All of the above?
Attractive: To what species?
Bored Easily: Usually.
Messy: When am I not?
Thirsty: Mmmmm water gooood.
Responsible: As absolutely needed…
Obsessed: Often.
Angry: Only in the usual low-grade sense.
Sad: Not usually.
Happy: When I feel like it.
Hyper: Just give me sugar, late nights, and good friends.
Trusting: I try to be.
Talkative: Depends on the subject… like horsies.
Legal: Shouldn’t you be taking me to dinner and a movie before asking that question? “

~ by jackelopette on July 13, 2003.

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