Here and there and where?

In other words… many many things have happened lately.

Sunday: Stuff in general. Worked in Small Livestock department at Fair, had dinner at grandparents, caught up on gossip, Drove Home!

Monday: Finished up work on Small Livestock prep, went shopping with Amy and Mom. Got a webcam. No website for public consumption yet, but possibly AIM use. Y’all should have my screenname by now if you’ve any sense.
Importantly! I went to a Darach SCA “Textile Guild” meeting. And got duct-taped within an inch of my life and will be making a cotehardie as my first project!

Tuesday: Rabbit check-in at SL. Sleep.

Today: Rabbit judging. Chatting with old friends. Sore feet, scratched arms, nose and shirt full of fluff. Many many in-jokes that you would have to have been there to understand. Mrs. Megan Brown and the homewrecker, Adult Showmanship, and many other fun things.

Adult Showmanship… Amy and I are sick of having the parents always pressuring the kids to do showmanship and do it well. We will be judging the parents. Who have a choice of showing rabbits, cavies/guinea pigs, or poultry. After the first mother signed up, they found out that we were judging, and clamored to enter, then claimed that they were entitled to prizes. As if the joy of humiliating themselves before their children were not enough. *sigh*

So we said “okay, we’ll give you lawn flamingos,” thinking that such a prize would be insane. They clamored for lawn flamingos. So Amy and I made a trip to Bonnie’s (cheap costume/party shop here in Ventura) and got prizes…
1. Fuzzy tiara for champion.
2. Lawn Flamingo.
3. Bunny-shaped bottle of bubbles.
4. Bunny-nose.
5. Lobster-nose… don’t ask.
6 – 8. Kelleys’ Feed baseball caps
9 – 18. Paper crowns.

We are insane, and proud of it. We are the Almighty Kin!

*toddles off to sleep* I was asleep earlier, but woke up for some odd reason.

~ by jackelopette on July 30, 2003.

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