I’ve never been much good at saying goodbye. I either feel too little or too much, and I never know how to leave it afterwards.

Jason leaves tomorrow for college — I haven’t seen him since the graduation in May. Too many things going on, too many lines of communication not being used. And it’s not just him. I’ve had to say too many goodbyes this summer…

I think the worst ones are the unexpected goodbyes. The ones where there’s very little closure. Where you feel that they have not left knowing how much you cared. Where you know that you could have done more, said more. Stopped by to visit more.

So if you’re one of my goodbyes, I miss you, and I really do care. And if you’re no longer able to hear me say it, it’s hard not having you here anymore.


~ by jackelopette on August 15, 2003.

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