Choir… and other inspirations

UC Davis University Chorus and Chamber Singers

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Too much stuff going on! Every time I sit down thinking “this time, this time I’ll actually be able to post!” something else comes up and I end up distracted. Again.

On the bright side, I have been keeping busy — which may or may not be a good thing. I found some Lovely fabric over the weekend and have finally started working on the SCA garb. It’s going to be very very nice … once it’s done! *insert grumbling about why the dang medieval folks couldn’t have invented zippers before now* There are times when authenticity is a ye olde paine in the butte.

The bunny’s eye is almost entirely healed now — just some minor discharge which I think is just the dregs of the infection being kicked out.

And Aunt Jean is here in Ojai with the serene prince Tai. Who has blond hair falling over his forehead. The kid is binary — either on or off. When he is on, he is very very on. When he is off, he is out cold.

Jean is here to store a lot of their stuff at Grammy’s house. So I am heading over there pretty soon to help her unload her huge U-Haul truck. Whee!

~ by jackelopette on September 4, 2003.

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