Upon Further Reflection…

Maybe it’s a sign. After all, when I first started blogging I’d just been on the phone with tech support for the dead motherboard on the Omnibook. Now I’m waiting for a new hard drive for the Presario. At least HP-Compaq has good tech support. I understand the hoops through which I must jump.
As I’ve heard many times, God/deity/great enigma/universal essence/whoever-you-wanna-call (Ghostbusters?)/etc. don’t give more than can be handled — does this mean that deep down inside I’m really a techie? After all, mom doesn’t do much with her computer and she rarely has problems. Unless you count breaking the computer phone line by putting her phone cord into her ethernet port. But that’s fixable, in fact she realized her mistake pretty quickly. Which I suppose gives credence to my theory.
Computers, like ponies (especially Chip), enjoy testing their users. Chip used to do it by making me fall off. My computers do it by breaking down, in order to see how quickly and efficiently I kick their little booties back into line. Therefore…
Mwahahah! I am Tech Goddess! Hear me Roar, and tremble, o thou rattling hard disks and fried motherboards! RAWR!

*normal Cindy returns* Sorry about that, I think the Recovery Day from being sick has joined forces with technological frustration to make me crazy. Well, crazier than usual. I think it’s time to go vacuum or something. Need to stop shaking my fist (not containing The Maraca) at the computer. I just need to accept that tech problems like me. At least I diagnosed it properly!

*insists on staying somewhat normal*

I really need to get out more.

~ by jackelopette on September 10, 2003.

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