Puffy Face

So here I sit, it’s about 7:40 AM on Thursday, and I’ve decided to miss my o-chem class. It’s too early to call anyone except maybe Steven, and I’m not feeling very well.

See, I woke up this morning (oh, let’s say about an hour ago) and found that I couldn’t open my eyes all the way. This is never a good sign. I figured it was the last vestiges of sleep, since I’ve never exactly been a morning person. I’ve been impressed at how easily I’ve been waking up lately.
Figuring that I would take a shower and see if that helped, I headed toward the bathroom and happened to pass by the mirror. Instead of the dry skin I’ve been seeing lately as I adjust to the school year stress level, I find that the skin around my eyes is really puffy. Upon further inspection, I come to the conclusion that my whole face is slightly puffy. Since this is a fairly sudden thing, I’m figuring that it’s some sort of reaction to (a) food yesterday, (b) face lotions that have never caused a reaction before, or (c) stress and adjusting sleep patterns.

So Steven is going to give me a ride to campus (bypassing such things as busses and bikes) and I will be going to Cowell Student Health Center instead of my o-chem class.

In other news, Cal Aggie Collegiate 4-H is in full swing, Aggie Ambassadors likewise, Levi is in the pasture now (no more pipe corral), and I’m in love with Haydn’s Lord Nelson Mass, which we are singing in choir. I hope this face thing is nothing serious.


~ by jackelopette on October 2, 2003.

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