It’s about time to head across the street to 1100 Soc Sci for my bio lecture, but I thought I’d give you all an update. I’m fine, it’s some sort of odd allergic reaction to something (though I’ve never been allergic before), and it had started receding as I walked around the condo. Went to Cowell and they gave me a mild antihistamine, which helped it recede even further. Now I look normal unless I tell someone “check out my eyes, aren’t they cute?” (that person being Sandy, who by some act of deity or demon is also in my bio discussion… deity help that poor TA) so I’m all okay again. Kind of weird though, I’ve never had a reaction before. Huh.
So I have a prescription for Zyrtec that I can go fill at the student pharmacy if I have a reaction like this again … I think this one will be all gone by this evening but it’s nice to know what to do if it recurs.
In other news, I hate my computers class. I can’t even sleep in it — the professor stops and makes us all do the Wave whenever he sees someone dozing off (goofing off, etc). So, boys and girls, what is email? What does AOL stand for?


But bio should be fun with Sandy to tease. 🙂

~ by jackelopette on October 2, 2003.

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