Friday. Again.

So I’m home sick again. At least it’s a Friday, so I’m not missing any class. Just the Regional Aggie Ambassador conference. And it’s a bit of indigestion (probably the leftover potroast that steven cooked Wednesday) combined with one of those icky one-or-two-day colds. The kind that leave you wiped out and stuffed up and scratchy, but back in a day catching up on work.

Tomorrow is day one of the Comp Corps weekend, it should be interesting but I have no idea what I’ll contribute to the “teaching fellow comp corps members how to build a computer” session. I’m good at helping out in workshops, not leading them. I don’t have the technical knowledge to lead one on my own. Gah.
In other news, I’m really looking forward to Halloween. I’m flying down either Thursday evening or Friday morning, hopefully spending Saturday afternoon/evening and night in LA with Emily (eeeee! *flaps arms in utter happiness*) and maybe Sunday afternoon in Santa Monica. Or something like that. I hope. EEEEE! And all signs of my fall on Monday are gone except for the one bruise on the side of my knee. I think that one’s from a small rock. It really wasn’t that bad a fall, I rolled pretty well. I just pulled a shoulder muscle holding on to Levi’s reins, and my thigh muscles just aren’t used to dressage stretching. They’ll learn. It’s good for me. Getting Levi to respond to subtler cues, etc.

Um. I think I’ll miss the rest of the Aggie Ambassador afternoon. A. I don’t have a semi-formal type dress for the etiquette cruise. B. I’m still feeling under the weather, though better than last night/this morning. C. Dunno. Just felt like putting a C there.

One of the greatest inventions of humankind was the warm bath when feeling ill. Warm water does great things for one’s perspective, health, relaxation… I’m just too busy a person, that’s all.

*trots off to find the Sudafed again*

~ by jackelopette on October 10, 2003.

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