Hogwarts Headaches…

Another great news story…

Funny, no one’s talking about textbook headaches. There are many ways to get them.
1. Reading textbooks.
2. Hauling textbooks around. (especially on your head)
3. Buying textbooks.
4. Beating people over the head with textbooks.
5. Worrying about having failed to read textbooks.
6. Realizing that textbooks are the wrong edition – a whole year out of date.
7. Respiratory, ocular, and other issues arising from the burning of useless textbooks.
8. Finding cheaper textbooks
9. Trying to sell back textbooks.
10. Realizing that textbooks were left at home. Six hours away.
11. Other side effects of using textbooks may occur. Researchers are still working to find the effects, let alone the cure.

And yet no one is publishing any studies about textbook-related injuries or ailments. Hmmmm. I think it’s just another way that we students are marginalized and ignored. Doesn’t anyone care about textbook-related health problems? Textbook violence? Textbook bonfires?

I’ve had a crazy week, as usual. Last Thursday the Colorado delegates arrived for the Western Regional Collegiate 4-H Conference. We made a website for Nationals, toured UCD, ate homemade french fries and barbecued, went to an Aggie Ambassadors meeting, ate at the Hard Rock Cafe in Sac, toured the Jelly Belly Factory, discussed matters of grave importance (like the fact that we don’t use club funds for keggers…), and they went to San Francisco while I slept through a State Leaders’ Council meeting. *grin*

Um, let’s see… midterms last Thursday, Tuesday, Yesterday, and on next Monday… ain’t I lucky? Choir is beautiful. People need to come up and watch me sing. La la la la la!

Berlioz and Prokofiev – Sunday, November 23, 8:00 PM

Haydn: Lord Nelson Mass – Friday, December 5, 8:00 PM

I have a free pass for each performance. So all it costs you is transportation. And dinner. *grin* Don’t you wanna come hear me sing?!

*hides from the tomatoes*

I’m leeeeaving on a jet plane tonight, or at least a Southwest 7?7 to Burbank. Assuming that Southern California’s pall of smoke is allowing us through. It’s pretty bad up here – no news except for hours-late articles online. Grrr. Even the UCD Aggie newspaper relegated it to a 1/8 column on the back page. On Tuesday. While the demolition of an old rotting house gets a full article on the front page today. Argh.

So tonight I get to see my daddy, and tomorrow I finish my garb, and go out carousing with him. And Saturday I see grandparents and 4-H friends (family) before heading down to Emily at UCLA. Whee!

And I find it insulting that a midterm takes less than 10 minutes, including time to walk in, sit down, get out materials, receive test, take test, put away materials, stand up, present ID, and walk out. I hate my AMR class. Stupid computers for sleeping people.

But I’m going home to sugar-coated Halloween happiness tonight. 🙂

~ by jackelopette on October 30, 2003.

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