…Christmas Cheer…

The Night before Christmas – In California

On the night before christmas, all down 101
The traffic was deadlocked; it wasn’t much fun.
The parties were starting; the hosts in dispair;
In hope that the catered food soon would be there.
The fine salad greens and the aged chardonnay,
Were stalled on the freeways, there they might stay.
The salesfolk at Broadway, were glancing at clocks,
While last minute shoppers, seized sweaters and socks,
To fill the stockings, hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St. Nick would somehow get there.
The sky over Tahoe was starry and bright,
But the fog on the coast would last through the night.
As KNX broadcast the news of the hour,
The picture looked bleak and the outlook was dour.
From far Crescent City the story was flashed:
St nick and his reindeer have possibly crashed-
” The fog is so thick even Rudolph can’t lead,
” And santa has said ‘Its a problem indeed.
” My fog lights are powerful, but this is pea soup.
“The poor reindeer can’t make their way through such goop.'”
Into 10 million homes came the sad news,
There was wonder in Fresno, shock in Santa Cruz.
” Lets form an initiative, Proposition C,
Lets ban fog on christmas eve,it just can’t be.”
The children were up ; they would not go to bed,
they were watching TV, and they heard what was said.
They thought of the stockings they’d hung up with care,
Hanging limp and unfilled, with no presents to share.
They thought of the 10 million toys gathering dust,
Piled up at the north pole and starting to rust.
All through the suburbs there arose such a clamor,
It rang through the night like a screaming jackhammer.
The Governor was called and the mayors alerted.
The need for solutions was loudly asserted.
They called on the Warriors; they called on the Lakers;
The Giants, Ducks & Niners…, but there were no takers.
The night hours were passing and Sants was groaning,
He still had to do Idaho and Wyoming.
When finally a lawyer in south ContraCosta,
Sprang up from his dinner, of angel hair pasta:
“I’ll get a court order, a clean writ of habeas.
“We’ll outlaw this fog, send it to Las Vegas.”
The forces were mustered, the deed quickly done,
And Santa completed his rounds on a run.
The children were cheering, the parents ecstatic,
The palm trees were swaying,the vistas dramatic.
From southlands to Naps, sierras to coast,
Came a message from Santa. more greatful than most.
It swept through the Golden State, ringing and bright,
“Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.”
-written by Catherine Smith.

~ by jackelopette on December 21, 2003.

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