New Year's Eve and Other Recent Developments

Despite friends not showing up, and not having the presence of mind to call and tell me they weren’t showing up *glare* … I had a pretty fun evening. Tristan found some friends in East Ojai with an outdoor fireplace, and we played board games until well past midnight. I didn’t get home till about 3. Sleep? Sleep is for the weak.

Tri-Bond is an incredibly fun game that involves things in threes. And figuring out what they have in common. Especially puns.
Marshmallows taste good when aflame.
Mmmmmm garlic triscuits.
Shards of Chocolate!
‘Scuse me, have you seen my tooth? I think I broke it on the chocolate.
Tristan, coyote-choir-director extraordinaire.
Gotta shake the garden hose when you’re soaking the fire with it.
Spit on the fire, that’ll put it out.
Ooooh, smoky glass… let’s pour water on it! *crackle*

…Jan 3-4, another successful Computer Corps Orientation

Magic Eight-Ball
Cindy thinks the Computer Corps is a little too excited about talking in the 3rd Person all the time.
AOM games that mysteriously end in Steven’s computer crashing
Fluxx – an ever-changing card game
Basketball hoops.

Whoever said that Comp Corps was a bunch of geeks?

~ by jackelopette on January 8, 2004.

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