A correction …

It seems my father managed to discover his old lyrics for ‘Humoresque.’ I”ve included the gist of his email below. Now you all can see where I get it…

“Okay, if you’re going to poke fun at classical music, at least do it right! A correction on your Blog is seriously required – blame me, if you need to!! (Obviously, I didn’t even make it through the first paragraph before cracking up.)

The following is from K.B., best as I can remember it after 25 or 30 years. I’m pretty sure it is from his college fraternity days, so it pre-dates Weird AL and even Alan Sherman (Dearest Muddah, Dearest Fadduh) by several years. Sorry I can’t remember more than the first verse – I’m pretty sure there was more. I’ve tried to get Phil to sing & play it between numbers at a Ramblers concert, but no luck so far.

?- Libretto for Humoresque ?-
“Pretend that you have constipation
“While the train is in the station
“Do not flush the toilets ’til we leave … ”

(In the olden days, railroad passenger cars didn’t have holding tanks – the toilets just emptied out onto the tracks. This didn’t matter too much when running through the sparsely populated countryside, but did cause problems in the depots, so the conductors used to walk through the trains and lock the doors to the toilets as the trains were approaching a major station.)

Interesting bit of trivia, that.

– Roos O’Loco”

~ by jackelopette on February 25, 2004.

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