Summer Plans – You May Already Be a Winner!

It’s taken far longer than anticipated to get all the different budgets and schedules to coincide, but the plans are slowly coalescing. Among the surprises, I’ve been named to a redesign team for a National 4-H website, so I’ll be using the team’s travel budget to fund part of my travels – the parts that involve my traveling to the National 4-H Technology Conference. It’s so nice to be able to avoid spending my own money for things I’d be doing for fun anyway.

More info on pretty much anything 4-H related is available at – enjoy.

Anyway, my summer travels and plans are (fairly set) as follows. Warning: very long and detailed summer schedule below – have headache/eye strain remedy handy.

June 16-21 – Depart the Sacramento/Davis area for Burbank via Southwest Airlines. End of finals, home for 4 days. Much familial visiting and cheek-pinching, plus a little rioting with friends and accomplices. *grin*

June 21 – Depart LAX mid-day for an afternoon/evening arrival in Denver via Frontier Airlines.

June 22-25 – Colorado 4-H State Conference hijinks with Colo State’s Collegiate 4-H’ers… They’re letting me help out. Woe to them.

June 30 – Depart Denver for an “11:31 PM” arrival in Ithaca via US Air or United (aren’t they the same anymore?). Planned 3+ hour layover in Philadelphia, PA (may be longer depending on when I leave Colorado). Possible visit during this stretch with Elusive Sperry Cousins?

July 11 – Depart New York (Buffalo, as it turns out, in a bizarre set of convenient coinkydinkses) via the National 4-H Budget for arrival in Arkansas. More details as the National folks approve my itinerary. Either it’ll be Southwest to Tulsa (yes, Oklahoma) or a generic airline to NWA Regional near Carol and Brian.

July 21 – Depart Arkansas somehow for Saint Louis, Missouri. Justify my National 4-H Budget travels by arriving early for the National 4-H Technology Conference to launch the redesign of (assuming all goes as planned… Ha!)

July 24-28 – Further justify my 4-H expenses by presenting a web design track at the National Technology Conference. Go California techies! Go!

July 28-30 – Home. Sleep. Recuperation. More familial and friendly catching up and cheek-pinching.

July 31 – UC Davis day-trip for CA 4-H State Conference planning/packing/panic day.

August 1-9 – Ventura County Fair preparation and delivery. Quiver in fear, o ye small fluffy animals, for I have been given Bleach, Red Pens, Staple Guns, Sugar, Caffeine, and just a little too much Authority! Mwahahahaha!

August 9-15 – CA 4-H State Conference at UC Riverside. With outdoor recreation. In high summer. In the smog. Go figure. Allegedly presenting Microsoft Office trainings as well as Web, MS Office, and Dance 1-hour workshops

August 15-? – Possible Road Trip with crazily fun and frighteningly creative father to Colorado and back. May catch flight to CO with Shane from aforementioned CSU Collegiate 4-H, and enjoy road trip on return journey. Anticipate many hijinks and interesting tales to tell future grandchildren, shrink, and/or fellow inmates.

September 20 – (tentative) Triumphant Return to UC Davis. Reacquaintance with Cats and Roommates, further pranks and hijinks. Reluctant return to reality of College Life. *sigh*

September 24-26 – “WHY” 4-H Conference at Camp Tehama. Fishing, fun, and frolicking with teen and preteen 4-H’ers. Anticipate many fun pranks and loud pajamas.

September 30 – Alleged first day of UCD Classes. Frantic catching up on friends’ lives and plans for various 4-H events. Relearning all that was lost during summer. Resume “normal” schedule.

So, now that you’ve completely emptied your pain reliever supply and are overdue for a new corrective vision prescription, let me know when and where I can schedule some R&R time with you, my beloved (captive) audience! Apart from the conferences and fairs, I’m leaving the In-Between times for you all to decide.

Tell me where to go and what to do! What should I see in each part of my travels? Will I take a side trip to Vegas at the end of the summer with the Harem? Go hiking with the Ojai Outdoorsy Folks? Snide-remarking with the Film Club Alumni? Stargazing? Trail riding? Musician-heckling? Bunny-flipping and goose-whispering? Silly-stringing? Shopping with the girls (and even a couple guys)? Shall I come back to college exhausted and excited, or bored and mischievous? Shall I part my hair behind? Do I dare to eat a peach? Shall I wear white flannel trousers and go walk along the beach?

Up to you… Submit your vote by June 15, 2004 and you might win the ultimate prize – Time with Cindy the Over-Scheduled Wonder!

~ Cindy, who expects no sleep or time for pesky thoughts.


~ by jackelopette on June 7, 2004.

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