More Trip Updates

Thursday evening:
Banquet, dance, more Nametag Nazi antics. I have a new nickname after breaking up several couples. Strange – they think they know me from previous years. Apparently my name is Jessica from La Plata County. And when I explain that I am from CA and offer to show my ID, they give me a new name. I am now Hard-Ass California Bitch. With no sense of humor or preservation of dignity for the little daylight duos. Go figure. Confused kids. Fun unloading the Dance – apparently it’s against the law for us to do the loading thing over sidewalks. Danya got stopped by Officer Ed – who decided to inspect the bottom of her car and write us a ticket – then Shane walked over and talked him into just a warning. So then Eddieboy sits there for ten minutes watching us unload things into the 4-H office, then drives off ON THE SIDEWALK to go give someone else a ticket. Jerk. So then we piled into Jonathan’s Senior Citizens Bus to go eat at IHOP. Shane … shaned. Fell asleep mid-conversation. Fun stuff.

Final unloading of HQ, collection and reading of conference evaluations. Several kids were sent home after breathalyzer tests and calling of cops – suspended from 4-H state events for the next year, but their parents and counties hit them even harder. Anyway – that was Wednesday about midnight.
“Banquet food was neither hot nor tasty”
(Paraphrased) “Next time you call the cops on us and do surprise searches of our dorms, let us know. I don’t like having cops go through my stuff. You can get in big legal trouble.”

Shane’s family arrived Friday around 10:30 or so, and we all piled into the truck to deliver his sister Autumn to the airport for CWF. Hung out. Saturday evening was dinner with Dale, Melissa, Jordan, Danya, Maggie, and the Sheridans. Fun stuff.

Mass with Shane and his mom, brunch with the crew (Sheridans plus Danya and Maggie), general hanging out. Antics on the playground followed by swimming with Danya and Maggie. I ended up relaxing at home while they went with Shane for shooting fun in the National Forest.

Helped Jordan get the collegiate club online, then hung out with Melissa at like the mall and stuff. Shane’s dress rehearsal. Late night again, but fun.

Packing antics – slept in. Drama with Shane’s roommates not involving me – no need to worry, just typical drama for you concerned types. Fun fun fun dinner with friends. Mwahahahaha! I’m rather homesick for three places now – Ojai, Davis, and now Fort Collins. Weird. I wonder if I’ll miss Ithaca as well.

From 9:30 Colorado Time to 11:50 New York Time, I was either in an airport or on a plane. In pure hours, that’s about twelve hours and twenty minutes. Yeesh. Plus two hours lost in time zone changes. Ended up paying for an ATT WiFi 24-hour login – turned out to be worth it. Ten bucks for what ended up being about 3.5 hours worth of surfing and chatting? Hell yes. Especially when the cheapest Internet cafe I’ve seen was $5 for 30 minutes. So yeah, Mom, I’ll pay you back the ten, since it’ll show up on the cell phone bill. And I’d been on a 28k AOHell dial-up for the past ten days. *grin*

Slept from about 1:50 to 12:00 this morning. Ate breakfast followed by lunch (thanks Lisa) and took a tour of Cornell with Gary, Ian, and Romana. I’m seriously thinking about taking a semester at Cornell. I think it’d be fun. I want to see other campi, other colleges, other lives before I settle long-term. So far I’m looking at a summer or semester program in Ireland, maybe a semester at Cornell … I figure from Cornell I can take weekend trips or whatnot and see the rest of the East Coast. Fireworks viewed from the house, watched Timeline. And that brings you pretty much up to the minute on what’s been happening in my life. For actual stories, give me a call or an email and I’ll tell more. Right now I’m ready for sleepytime.

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