Heee heeeeeeee… so very tired.

National 4-H Technology Conference

I will simply say that I have reached a point where all my inner censors and filters have shorted out, taken a bank holiday, jumped off the arch, and completely fried themselves. What has been coming out of my mouth for the last hour with John and Faryn has been my inner monologue – whatever thoughts go through my head go directly to my mouth. My apologies. They say they want to see me drunk now to find out if I’m just like this when I’m tired.

Suffice it to say that I have averaged 4 hours a night for seven nights. I have run the gamut from slavedriving whipcracker “Mother Supreme” (according to Byron) to a flirtatious social director to exhaustion to organization to a complete emotional wreck to a happy happy person… and thus I am entirely exhausted.

I have decided that I need to reevaluate whether I am going to continue as ANS/prevet. Definitely going to try for a 4-H job after I get my degree. There are too many reasons right now – too many opportunities open to me. I plan to spend this quarter exploring my options and their consequences. By the end of the quarter, I want to have my decision made and my process (whatever it may be) begun.

I will write more tomorrow. Now I need sleep. LOTS of sleep. I am a rambling wreck, I have no mind left, I am literally just letting it all out on display. I am fried. Utterly fried. This is your brain on no sleep and high stress and good people.

In my web track on Monday, I fell asleep. The last I remember is Jim saying “okay folks, now that you’ve got Composer up, let’s open a new document.” And I have no memory of making it from the chair where I was overseeing the delegates to the couch. The next thing I knew, they were poking me and prodding me two hours later and saying “Cindy do you want lunch? Ewwww! You’re drooling!” I found a puddle under my chin on the couch. I was out. This is where I am right now. I am about to fall dead asleep.

My webcrew is a peerless bunch. I luv zem to pieces! Jailbait and Pumpkin and the Fab Four and Jimjimjimmyjimjimjimjimmyjimjim and Gift o’Gab Jared and Elvis and Gretcho… Hot Josh and our Kenny and Plane-less Laura and the Nail-Buffing Boys… and and and I am too entirely exhausted to do anything more.

G’night folksses

I don’t recommend falling asleep on your keyboard. It leaves bad dents in your face.

~ by jackelopette on July 29, 2004.

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