Thoughts on the coming year

Let’s see here.

Resolve pathway – gotta know what my major will be before I go gallivanting off in pursuit of it.

Fill out fall quarter – Pass 2 time is on September 2 at ?? time? Yeah, gotta deal with that. I’m locked into ENL 101 (Composition) and COM ? (Myths and Legends) for sure – got those at my Pass 1, thank deity. I’m also going to check out Latin 1 (need a refresher), possibly a Drama class, Medieval Studies if it’s open, and of course my beloved Choir.

Plans for the year’s activities. 4-H conferences and celebrations and committees, oh my! Also intend to check out the fencers at UCD – hey, an easy way for me to weasel my way into the SCA without too many political imbroglios. Ski trips with Sandy and the Gang. Lotsa friend time – didn’t get enough in the last two years I’ve spent here, so time to rectify. Bonfires, trail rides, Experimental College and Craft Center Classes. I am tired of having to budget my time and resources so closely. I am only here at UCD for a season – I intend to reap full harvest of what is sown here. If that means staying summers or an extra year, I will use what is given me to do so.

Regain my old relationships with those genial spirits. They came up and tapped me on the shoulder while I explored Ojai with my friends’ new eyes. Old memories and ideas and things I never gave full thought – all wondering what had taken me so long on my return.

Enjoy the seasons – I have missed them too long. I will use this year to enjoy my autumn, winter, spring to fullest extent. No more lurking in room or library! If California seasons are such subtle things, I will give them the attention necessary for my experience. Sweaters and apples and crisp new notebooks! Ski trips and snowmen and good memories of friends!

And I will also leave myself open to new people, new experiences. No more molding myself to my studies; rather I will let my studies match my personality and interests. I intend to enjoy it. And that means spending more time with the special people around me. You have come into my life for a reason – I would not have been ready to greet you if you had come earlier. If you stay for a week, a month, a season, a year – you have still made your impression and changed me subtly. Whatever path this takes, I will follow it with contentment. I hereby bid farewell to baggage and regrets. The less I pack into my luggage, the fewer obstacles I encounter. I greet you with an open heart.


I will return to my travels now, and enjoy them. May they rebuild some bridges. May my introspection not be misconstrued as disinterest. And I hope you folks in Davis are ready and waiting for my triumphant return.

This summer has really been a rite of passage. I’m ready for Round III now.

~ by jackelopette on August 23, 2004.

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