The Weather Report

It’s been raining for the last three days. About time. I love rain.

And yes, I did jump in puddles. 😀

In other news, life has been very stressed out lately and I’ve decided to rearrange my workload. Bye bye philosophy class. Interesting prof and all, but I really wasn’t getting anything new from it.

Suffice it to say that the stormy weather has somewhat reflected my mood, but I think things are calming down a little. Or at least they will. Decreasing workload/stress/etc. I’ll actually be glad when the job runs out in November – haven’t heard yet whether the new one will work out, but at any rate it’ll be a welcome change.

C’est la vie, thus ends this report on the State of the Cindy.

Oh, and I bought Van Helsing on DVD today. We shall make snide remarkses, precious. Yes, yes, we shall. Mwahahahahaha!

“I feel no pain, no pleasure, no sorrow… I feel nothing. I am hollow.” Yeah, so’s your acting. 😀

“Aaarrrrrooooooooooooo!” Wow, deepest thing he’s said the whole movie.

Awwwww isn’t that sweet? Anna has gone to the clouds to be with Mufasa and the rest of the family. *hallmark moment*

Yesh, it shall be fun tonight.

~ by jackelopette on October 19, 2004.

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