A moment of satire

So I like totally voted and stuff today. And like the professor gave us two extra days on the myths paper ’cause he said he wanted to like portray the trickster but in a like positive manner and stuff, and so it’s like a weird cool day and like I have a meeting with him to talk about the NAC switch on Thursday before choir.

And voting was soooooo totally cool ’cause I got to play with the holepunchy thingy and say who I wanted for president and senator and rep and stuff, and like, voted on stuff like the hospital thing and the casino thing. Like, it’s soooo in right now to be voting. ‘Cause it like, gives you a say in stuff or something. And all the cool people do it and yeah. I just wish the polling booths were better designed you know? Like why have those weird sketchy wobbly things when you could have sparkles and glitter and totally coordinated stuff like spikes to go with the metal holepuncher thingy. Red white and blue is in right now, maybe they should color all the stuff in there that way so that it actually matches instead of the gray and pink and stuff.

Yeah, so like, voting’s cool, yanno? I think I’ll totally do it next year. That is, if there’s something cool to vote on. ‘Cause the governor stuff was kinda important last year ’cause the dude in the office before got himself totally voted off the island. What happened, did he like forget that gray totally clashes with brown or something? There should be some cool measures on the ballot thingy next year. Like ummm outlawing the Uggs and skirt thing. ‘Cause that’s just soooooooo not right. And like, lower the tuition costs so that I can pay for my trip to France or something. Yeah.

(this moment of valleygirlness has been brought to you by the girls in front of me in line today… what can I say, it was like inspiring. Or something)

~ by jackelopette on November 2, 2004.

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