Midwest and southern go for Bush. Northeast and west coast for Kerry.

I reeeeeeeally wish the Democrats had chosen a stronger candidate. Oh well, at least my vote was heard in California. Go stem-cell research! DNA banks! And the Democrats swept in the Yolo area.

And lost their Senate Minority Leader while the Republicans gained a bunch of seats in both parts of Congress.

I really hope this isn’t going to turn into another rift the way it did thirty-odd years ago… I hope my parents’ generation has learned.

I’d go ahead and move to Europe or New Zealand, but then I’d lose the right to vote for or against the leader of this world power. At least I’m in one of the most liberal states of the union… though even we have a law on the books prohibiting gay marriage.

And I hear people complaining that the Democrats played to emotions far too much… yet it was the Republicans clinging to every last shred of angst they could squeeze from September 11. Fear and prejudice… what a wonderful way to enter another four years.


~ by jackelopette on November 3, 2004.

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