Uproars, Uprisings, and Upheavals

Western Region Collegiate 4-H
To continue the political note, we are now in a bit of a bind as far as Collegiate 4-H is concerned. Then again, it’s only for another week, then we get to elect new officers and vote on stuff.

James resigned.
Our constitution stinks like the swine barn.
Conference stuff is still up in the air.
Just one more week. One more week.

I wish Samantha and Brady and all my buddies from the other regions could come next weekend. I need the backup, need to be able to pick their brains, need to know that I’m not just pulling all of this out of the clear blue sky….

And I’m not going to let it die again. Not after all this work. So we’re going to take these blows and turn ’em into a strong region again.

*feeling warrior-ish*

~ by jackelopette on November 4, 2004.

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