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Today’s rant:

Do it.
Do it politely, on time, honestly, and with a thought as to why and how you want your message received. If there’s a problem, it’ll be much more smoothly resolved by bringing it up than letting it fester to explosion. Keep the backstabbing behind the curtains, please. Don’t let the world see you for a fool when you give vent to your rage.

And please, for the love of the language you’ve learned from birth, do it in such a way as to be understood. I don’t give a damn whether it’s a dependent clause or an unfinished thought, whether it begins with And or ends in ellipses (so long as there’re no more than four of them)….

But if you mean to use a word, make sure it means what you think it means.
Whom. Repel. C’est la vie. Per se. Et cetera. Possessive versus “to be” contractions. Spell it right. It’s all part of the art of speaking and writing; there’s no reason beyond laziness and ignorance to fail at this.
Why cripple yourself by choosing inappropriate words and phrasings? Likewise, don’t assume that your interpretation of a phrase is correct. Cliches don’t actually mean what you think they do; take each word individually, find out where it originated and what it meant.

~ by jackelopette on December 3, 2004.

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