Sorrow… and hope and some inexplicable joy, too.

I hate watching people self-destruct. Or at least, self-delude. I saw the wreck coming from miles away, but couldn’t do anything about it. I’ve got too much of my own to deal with, although right now even the bigger things (like money) seem like they’ll resolve themselves.

I don’t like blindness.

Then again, I do seem to like this season of finals. I really don’t know why. Guess it’s a sign that I should stay with the humanities switch. And I’ve got new skis coming to me on Thursday – figure it’s my christmas gift from all the summer work. Don’t worry about me, I’ll deal. I’m doing just fine.

Oh, and I roached Levi’s mane. Got sick of trying to keep the mudballs out every time he rolls in his own muck. Funnily enough, the look suits him. My horse is a stereotypical redneck. Overreactive, affectionate, food-driven, scared of new things, and he’s even chestnut. With the roached mane and his fluffy pathetic little forelock, he looks like one of those freshly shorn ROTC guys I see running round campus. Kinda cute though – hmmm am I drawn to the typical military type? No – or at least, not as such. But I do think it suits Levi. Hehehe.

Cheered Faryn up tonight, endured another circular chat, hung out with the Lespedeza, bonded with Sandy in our horse-torturing destressor time, oh, and kicked arse on the two englishy finals. Tomorrow’s the music final then I’m free. Wheeee! Cleaning room. Figuring out finances. Writing. Drawing. SLEEPING!

Whew. Now for sleep. Up early tomorrow to feed the hayburners.


And after the break, I am to get a hamster. A male hamster. And name it Poncy Tosser (after all, Faryn named hers Dammit) so that we have someone to blame whenever things go wrong. And the kitties will only encounter him when he’s safely in his little ball. Silly apartments won’t let me have a rabbit – so I’m getting me a hamster. Ha!

~ by jackelopette on December 15, 2004.

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