It came upon a midnight clear

So it’s Christmas Eve, I’ve been banned from the garage (where they’re wrapping things), and the last-minute tree’s just been finished. It’s Christmas Eve and I’m not really sure what to write anymore – the blog has been relegated to spare moments instead of the former daily meanderings I see in the archives. It’s Christmas Eve and JPII said Midnight Mass in St. Peter’s tonight, asking for peace.

I’d settle for peace of mind, myself.

Went skiing with Russ, Ross, Tristan, Jean, Sandy, and myself (being Cindy, and thus making things rhyme in matched couplets) this weekend. A lot of fun, a bit of annoyance, and too much activity after grilling my brain all last week. I don’t think I can have good friends without at least a spark – not a romantic one, just that spark of kindred emotion and good cheer. For the most part, it was there this weekend, although I would have liked more time and fewer crowds at Northstar. C’est la vie.

Got home a day late and of course was swept into the massive mess of Christmas with the Mahons, malling and mauling and wailing and trying to escape into a good book. But it’s all done now, just the sounds of wrapping paper and the agonizing over Will I Go to Midnight Mass and when exactly to go stuff the stockings… the usual antics. Fwah.

Feeling a little lonely, a little wistful. Went to Karie’s wedding with Sandy (well, seeing as I only know the whole WC crew through Sandy, it’d be odd if I left her home). San got some bad news – Her David is staying on the East Coast, as his parents are moving out there. My David doesn’t know yet where he’ll be posted. So the rhyming couplets are unattached and not really looking, a little mistletoe but no one to use it … no one in particular, a lot of wishful thoughts but nothing to pursue unless opportunity arises.

Speaking of which, Ireland is on my calendar now. Aug 13/14 – Sept 12. I guess the best mood to paint me right now is … on hold. Waiting for the job to clear up so they can hire me, waiting for summer, waiting for someone to walk by, waiting for Mardi Gras, waiting for the next ski trip… it’s about 9:35 on Christmas Eve and I’ve got nothing to do right now except type or read.

Meanwhile I’ve got family (what few are in town this year) and a few friends (although I’m ditching the reunion in favor of the local crew)… and the hope that tomorrow morning I’ll open up a big ol’ package of excitement. About something.

See me on New Year’s Eve – maybe I’ll find a little magic in that sparkly ball as it drops toward another year. At least I’ll be 21 in this one – enough for adulthood and chaperoning and a little more independence.


Never ever hand me a keyboard again when I’m bored. Things just ramble away…

~ by jackelopette on December 24, 2004.

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